1. honeyedfire:






    Y’all betta preach

    don’t react. 
    don’t respond.
    just listen. let it sink in. 
    it’s ok to hurt & know that you’ve hurt us, too.

  2. New Work. #dope #Fresh

  3. New Work by  Mechal Roe Photography -a different perspective-

    book her! She is awesome!

  4. Gun Control and common argument

    I have to speak up on this phrase because it is being overly used; “Guns dont kill people, people kill people” is like saying Drugs dont get people high, people using drugs get people high. The bottom line, the sole purpose for a guns existence is to hurt and harm another living being. Now, I’m not saying that guns dont serve a necessary purpose in our society for protection, police, service men….But John Doe, who’s angry about the smallest thing; a ticking time bomb, should not have access to these weapons. I honestly think mandatory mental health testing during high school should be started, but kept private so parents can start working with their children. When the privilege (not God given right) to bear arms hinders and/or threatens peace/humanity, then yes, Gun control should be reinforced. Mentally ill or not, many “sane” people snap, and their weapon of choice is a gun. Guns easily take out more people than knives. One at least has a fighting chance of survival in a knife fight.

  5. One of my favorite gems from “The Couple” series. Honestly, all of them are gems. So glad there is a fresh voice for African American film!


  6. Loving Black&Sexy TV music video for there mini series theme song. If you dont know about the hit web series mos def check them out. One of my fave, “The Couple” series is set to release a film- backed by kickstarter. Good stuff!