1. This photo from the series “Safari” by Olivie Chapelle could be taken several ways. Although women of all races are depicted, this one stands out. Thoughts?

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  3. 2 more days! Barack Obama 2012

  4. When the fool learns the game. The players disperse.
  5. I’m READY to MARCH in HOLLYWOOD! Seriously! This type of casting ¬†will never end unless we do something about it!

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  6. Saw this from one of my FB friends

    One of the BEST costumes Ive seen this halloween!

    Confident, Classy, and Fully Clothed!

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  8. Let me count the ways on how I love this video. 

    I was at a Saul Williams concert in Atlanta a few years back and I was standing behind a young petit woman with an AMAZING Fro. I literally had Fro envy…little did I know a couple of years later I would see her again on my TV. Janelle Monae. #amazingtalent